Antonio Gijón Transportation Operator - Lead to the future

Antonio Gijón Operador del Transporte is prepared for the challenges of the Future.

We are aware of the market permanent fluctuations and the need of being in permanent alert to the changes and evolutions of it in order to be able to anticipate answers and be prepared to respond to the challenges.

Our strategy for the future is based in three fundamental columns:

  • Investment
  • Management tools
  • Permanent formation

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Apuntando al Futuro

Professional and personal education- the company has conscience about the vital importance of permanent need of being aware for the new managing technics, the last juridical changes on the European rules, the newest informatics programs to help on our business. We invest every year a percentage of our benefit on personnel training and formation. They are our most valuable capital and our best assurance for the future.

I+D: Antonio Gijón Operador del Transporte prepares the future projecting:

Reform and modernization of our facilities

In a nearest future all our trailers will have gps tracking service available to our clients by a pre-given pin

New proximity transport service, package transport, ADR transport and integral logistics managing.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - ADR


Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Cisterna


Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Camiones GPS Futuro

Transport agency, based in fair price policy, honesty and payment guarantees. Knowing as we do how difficult can be to keep a small business afloat, our associated are demanding for it.

New technologies and social networks will be one of our priorities in the nearest future, soon everybody will find us easily in the principal social networks.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - trabajo