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Antonio Gijón Operador del Transporte have nowadays, a wide fleet of articulated vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, over than 70 truck units and 90 trailers of all kind.

We have fridge trailers with standard measures and special measures for flower transport.

The standard kind can cubic 88 3m and the special measures kind can cubic until 92 3m.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Camiones

Euroliners and auto sliding curtains are at our clients disposal.

All our truck units are equipped with a GPS receptor for permanent and daily control of the unit work. The importance of this tool to have and to give just in time information 24h per day is vital for our work strategy.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Especial

We have, for very fast needs, transport units with double equipage.

All our vehicles are modern and in the best shape, for that we have a well-equipped repairing workshop, this area is an important part of our strategy of saving and guaranties our endeavour with the defence of environment. All our vehicles comply with the most strict European environment rules.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - taller

Our drivers are professionally prepared to accomplish the tasks and demands of costumers, assure a demonstrated reliability and standard quality patrons. All our personnel have internet connection and iPhone for precise and in time information exchange, graphic if it is needed.

The traffic management is done by consolidated experimented people, engaged with the objectives and values driven by the general manager. The Knowledge of the working nature and the professional driver's psychology on the field, make the traffic management efficient, friendly and with objectives and performances guaranteed.

The commercial department is at the service of our clients and potential clients for rate their future transport needs or to increase and optimize the existents.

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