Antonio Gijón Transportation Operator - Brief look back

Brief look back

In Antonio Gijón Operador del Transporte we have more than 40 years of experience and full dedication to road transport.

The founder, Mr. Antonio Gijón started in the past 70th decade, carrying oranges and other kind of goods, from south Andalucía to Valencia.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Historia

His courage, perseverance, tenacity and entrepreneur spirit, inherited his sons Raúl and María del Carmen, which respecting their father hard work and following his path have had the capacity to make this company grow, efficient and along with the most modern tendencies on the sector.

We are proud of the way we walked to arrive where we are. Supported by the values of well fair, honesty and work dedication, the way so far have been hard but beneficent that motivated all of us to keep going each day giving our best.

Antonio Gijón operador de transportes - Historia 2